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40km bike tour Algodonales
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75 euros per person (activities spread over 2 days)

choose from any of the ebike tours detailed on the page (or be led by our reccomendation), plus add a second day spent hiking with our guide. 

Our local mountain is called Mogote and situated right next to Algodonales. We know where all the best trails are on this mountain and so will lead you up, over the top and back down into the village of Algodonales for refreshments afterwards. Normally the hike will take 3 hours to complete and usually we pass very few people on the mountain, especially on week days. It's possible to get very close to low flying vultures here and more often than not we spot wild deer when on the hill.


50 euros per person / 40-60 kilometres

this gorgeous guided ebike tour starting in Algodonales, follows the Guadalete river just west of the village, through rolling but easy pine forest tracks and eventually meeting the Via Verde de la Sierra a few kilometers west of the Coripe mid station. After passing through several old railway tunnels we meet the Coripe mid station and take a break at the bar. At this point, we can leave the Via Verde and finish by mountain roads, eventually completing a 40km version of the tour. Or, from here we can continue on the the Via Verde passing several more tunnels, typical Andalucian countryside, cruising further along the easy flat track. Eventually, we leave the Via Verde and head towards the village of La Muela approaching it from the east side. We ride toward the village along quiet roads with views of the Mogote mountain, where paragliders are usually flying. This longer version has several routes, ending in either a 50km or a 60km day. We can also make a refreshment stop in the pretty village of La Muela of course! These routes are suitable for all levels of rider.

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50 euros per person / 50 kilometres

this is one of our favourite guided ebike tours starting from the white village of Algodonales, following the river trail towards the Sierra. Leaving the river, we then make our way up to the village of Zahara de la Sierra. We pause in Zaraha to check viewing points that look back towards Algodonales. We then pass over the village and begin the climb up the zig zag road which eventually brings up to the Puerto de las Palomas pass at 1300m. En route, we find the famous Pinsapo tree and vultures cruise overhead. Once over the pass, we ride down to the gorgeous village of Grazalema for tapas and drinks. At this point we are half way. We then leave Grazalema and it is then mostly down hill towards the reservoir, traversing the Sierra on easy road and track. Following the lake path back towards Algodonales, we to finish the 50 kilometre ebike route. This tour is suitable for all levels of rider.


50 euros per person / 30-40 kilometres

this guided ebike tour starting in Algodonales, can be tailored to take in a technical traverse of the Mogote mountain on the west side, passing through forest trails, eventually meeting the gravel roads that wind up the mountain, first stopping at the westerly paraglider take off "Poniente". This is one of three launch sites for paraglider pilots that we visit. We then head east along the gravel road, further up the 900m mountain, past the northerly take off which leads us to the south east side of the mountain to the "Lavante" take off point. From September through to May, this area is popular with paragliding and we stop to watch the launches from the mountain and enjoy views of the Sierras. On a clear day its possible to see the snow capped Sierra Nevada range from here. Vultures are thermalling here all days and the down hill ride is a blast. We then stop in the village of La Muela for refreshments and lunch, if so desired. This tour can be tailored to fit intermediate riders or beginners.

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50 euros per person / 40 kilometres

on this tour we head to the pretty village of El Bosque.  There's a choice of a moderate road or a steep off road climb in the beginning and thereafter the route is reasonably flat.  There are two ways of reaching El Bosque on this tour, we make a decision depending on the time of year and weather.  In Spring, this route is exploding with wild flowers. We stop for tapas in our favourite restaurant in El Bosque and head back. It's an easy tour at only 40km. Price does not include the tapas.


190 euros per person

we leave for a 40-50km ebike tour around the Sierra in the morning, exploring one of our beautiful routes from the ground. We will stop for tapas in one of our favourite bars, of which we have many! Weather permitting, you'll then be collected for a tandem paragliding flight in the afternoon where you'll be able to view the Sierra from the skies, flying tandem with one of our paragliding instructors. It is common to fly alongside vultures during our flights. Tapas not included in the price. Transport to take off area and collection from the paragliding landing field is included.  If the weather is not good for flying, we can arrange for you to fly another day. Even during warmer months we recommend wearing trousers, suitable shoes for mountain activities and a jacket. Sunglasses and sun protection are essential.

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ebike tours and hire Algodonales


600 euros per person (standard ebike holiday)

700 euros per person (language ebike holiday)

spend a week exploring each of our tours around the Sierras of Grazalema and Lijar. Your base for the week is the white village of Algodonales. We have space to accommodate 5 riders and the trip includes a guide, bikes and helmets. Of course there are plenty of reasons to visit this beautiful part of Andalucia - we are based in the heart of paragliding country and can arrange tandem paragliding flights to further enhance this adventurous week. Trips run from September through to July. We will arrange airport transfers and provide accommodation for the week. Typically we spend 5 days out on the ebikes. Food and flights are not included. Nearest airports are Malaga, Seville and Jerez. Speak to us should you wish to spend your week learning with Spanish while ebiking with us too.


50 euros / 60 kilometers

this is a big one, hence the name! we leave from Algodonales, ride through the hillside village of Zahara, pass the Garganta Verde gorge and climb 1000 metres up and over the Puerto de las Palomas. The scenery here is mind blowing. We then pop over the Col, skim the top of Grazalema and start a whopping 14 kilometre descent eventually finding the village of El Bosque at the bottom. After a tapas stop we ride back to Algodonales along gravel track, road and cross country. This is one of our favourite tours due to the thrilling long descent. Tapas not included in the price, guaranteed fun is.


we are located 3km west of Algodonales, Cadiz, Spain WITHIN the CIVA paragliding centre. Take the road down the hill opposite the Repsol gas station and we are on the right. 


Whatsapp, email or call for bookings and info.  We speak both English & Spanish.

50 euros per bike, per day - helmet included. With or without guide.

 +44 (0) 7769 735 763 .....+34 613 392 293

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