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A night on the mountain

We normally ride to the top of our local mountain, our "house mountain" - Mogote, with the ebikes. The lower, approach trail, traverses the west side, leading to the main gravel pista which accesses all the paragliding take off points and with some lesser know tracks atop, ideal for our riders of all levels. The downhill route can be fast, if one wants it to be and finishes with beer in La Muela. Seeking a night of peace and stars... with wine... we drove to the top this time and stayed the night in the camper van spending hours looking for planets, the Milky Way, shooting stars and absolute silence. The hum of the village, Algodonales, is not audible up here, just the occasional rattle of sheep bells break the silence and the late summer air is usually cool at a near altitude of 1000m.

Golden hour before sunset is another reason to be here, paired with an equally perfect sunrise - the Sierra in the distance cloaked in morning mist. Pure magic, both night and day.

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